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The Top 4 All-In-One Antivirus Software Solutions - Norton Comes Out 4th

In many families, there are disagreements about which device is best. However, just because people use different devices does not mean that they need to have a different way to protect them. It's possible to protect all of your devices by using a multi-device protection solution. Here are four of the top All-In-One Antivirus protection programs , and a few of them even come with a coupon.

1. BitDefender Family Pack

BitDefender was ranked the #1 AntiVirus software in 2016. It is a top choice for cyber security because they have a first class multi-device protection solution. BitDefender offers two solutions for their all-in-one protection: Family Pack and Sphere. The main difference between these products is that the Family Pack protects unlimited devices for up to 5 family members, while Sphere protects unlimited devices. Unless you have a family of 14 and 10 home computers, which sounds more like a small business setup, then the Family Pack is a better choice. If you are running a small business you might consider Sphere.

2. Kaspersky Multi-Device

As people become more reliant on technology, they become more vulnerable to viruses, identity theft, malware, and other cyber-unpleasantries. Kaspersky, a top-ranked software company, offers a new all-around security solution that can help with these problems. Kaspersky's Multi-Device software can protect up to 10 devices. These devices can be Android tablets, Android smartphones, Macs, and PCs. This protection solution combines virtual keyboard technology, money protection for shopping and banking, anti-malware protection and parental controls. The program comes with real-time updates and creates an all-encompassing shield for all of your devices. This software is a great deal, but these Kaspersky Antivirus coupons makes the deal even better.

3. McAfee All Access

McAfree is a well-known name when it comes to computer security. They offer an all-in-one solution that holds up to the high-standards set by the company. This protection is perfect for tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs. All Access can keep your personal information safe while protecting your devices from malware and viruses and parental controls help to keep questionable content away from your kids. All Access also has a password management system, which helps you sync passwords across all your devices. This feature makes it easier to log into your account using a secure password. McAfree's All Access all-in-one protection software is not only functional, it's also affordable.

4. Norton 360 Multi-Device

Norton 360 Multi-Device was one of the top-ranked protection solutions on This software is a great option for protecting multiple devices. That sets this program apart from the others is that besides protecting Macs, PCs, and Android tablets and smartphones, this software also protects iPads and iPhones. Norton 360 keeps devices safe from malware and viruses. The program actively protects your personal information, while boosting your PC's performance. Best of all, Norton 360 can help you locate and recover stolen or lost tablets and smartphones. It also backs up files on these devices to help protect them from loss. Norton offers competitive prices. They frequently offer discounts and Norton security software coupon codes. With these discounts, it's possible to grab this protection solution for 30% or more off of the regular retail price.


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