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Backup And Recovery For Small Business

Backup and Recovery for Small Business

The world is about the survival of the fittest. If you can’t encounter challenges of the competitive marketplace, if you don’t dare to go the extra mile to meet with the soaring customers’ expectations, then entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea, and your score graph is likely to take a dip. Besides business supporting infrastructure, human resources, workplace architecture, reliable partners and communication systems, what else you need. Obviously, its data. It’s significant and you have to make sure that data is readily available to your departments, staff or customers whenever they need it. But how confident you are of the same?  Well, if your data center is immune to data loss or damage, congrats. But, we all know that no physical and technical architecture can be 100 percent secure and 100 percent available. Thankfully, online backup and recovery solution presents a remedy. Though it is helpful to all, it offers great relief to small businesses and startups that can’t afford to have dedicated data storage facility and IT management team to take care of it. BackupRunner is a reliable name in the online data backup service and disaster recovery industry. If you are a business owner looking for a fully-featured, yet affordable cloud backup and recovery plan, continue reading.

Unlimited backup

Users and data tend to grow with time and so the number of hard drives and NAS devices. But with BackupRunner business plan you can afford to backup all with a single account. Hence, you don’t need to look anywhere else, when it comes to accessing files. Your staff can simply login with the account credentials across any web browser from anywhere and retrieve what they need. Thus, it explicitly cuts the total cost of ownership budget.

Automatic & continuous

With BackupRunner configured, you don’t have to worry regarding the progress of backup tasks. It happens automatically all day and all night, whether you are at office or on the move. It doesn’t ask for any remainder. Moreover, the process won’t hamper your users’ productivity as it consumes very less bandwidth.

Browser-Based Control Panel

Whether your people make use of official workstations or their own mobile devices, they are working from home or within your premise, BackupRunner won’t make a difference. You can centrally manage the backup status of everyone over the browser.

Sync, Share and Access

For a staff or you, a particular day can be off or holiday, but not for your business. It has to go uninterruptedly to keep customers satisfied and glued. To make it happen, BackupRunner offers app-based access to data across any device. End users can also restore files with a click or flip, anywhere, anytime.

Backup and Recovery for Small Business Backup and Recovery for Small Business

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