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BackupRunner Offers Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

BackupRunner Offers Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Hard drive data recovery services are the need of the hour. In the data-driven economy, the search for data recovery services companies is in full swing. There are some data recovery companies that offer services but at unexpectedly high prices. There are some that offer specialist services such as external hard drive data recovery or raid hard drive data recovery service. Some even claim of offering free data recovery services. Well, here is what BackupRunner offers.

BackupRunner offers customized services to match the needs of home and business fraternity. Experts here can recover files from damaged drives, reformatted drives, malware-infected drives, and even from unbootable drives. They can also retrieve corrupted and user deleted data, if asked for.

With a bid to provide secure data recovery service, BackupRunner enforces multi-layer security checks to proscribe any unauthorized data access and further damage or data loss across any device. It deploys certified technicians who perform every hard drive recovery service as per the user-accepted confidentiality agreements in data cleanrooms adhering physical security protocols. Data recovery is time-sensitive hence BackupRunner provides 24-hour support platform accessible via standard email, telephone and chat support. It offers an online self-service portal from where customers can learn about each stage of the recovery process. Apart from recovering hard drive, users can find recovery services for flash media, servers and more.

Besides offering best hard drive data recovery services, customers can find reliable and affordable cloud backup service to avoid any data loss situation. BackupRunner enshrines data across a set of data storage servers that are stringently maintained under uncompromised physical security controls including security guards, biometric scanning, video cameras, fire and water detection, and more. BackupRunner data centers can withstand temperature fluctuations and can stay immune to any unpleasant natural disaster. Users can have smooth access to their data anywhere, anytime over the secured Internet connection. The backup runs automatically and offers unlimited mobile data backup and archiving. Home and business users both can take advantage of its services against the flexible pay-as-you-go monthly subscription modules. Business plan is bestowed with some powerful data management features like centralized management, remote management and deployment, and unlimited file server backup to let business processes run uninterruptedly in all odd or even circumstances.

BackupRunner Offers Best Hard Drive Data Recovery ServicesBackupRunner Offers Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

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