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BackupRunner Offers Data Protection With Unlimited Mobile Backups

BackupRunner Offers Data protection With Unlimited Mobile Backups

If Gartner has its way then BYOD (bring your own device) will soon be a common practice at every workplace.  According to a recent report from the analyst firm, by 2017 almost half of employees will be working with their own devices. There are many positive attributes like gaining advantage of new mobile workforce, increasing employee satisfaction, cutting down total cost of ownership budget and improving productivity. However, a few new challenges are also there. And, offering data protection across multiple devices is a prominent one.


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Mobile data backup and recovery services from BackupRunner provide reliable solution in this regard. BackupRunner offers data protection with unlimited mobile backups. Thus, being a business administrator you don’t need to worry regarding the growing number of mobile users, devices and the diverse computing platforms that they use. Cloud offered interoperability and flexibility helps your people to create, sync and share data effortlessly and stay productive no matter where they are. Some of the salient features are discussed here.


BackupRunner provides secure and reliable mobile data backup for your needs. Built with durability in mind, geo-replication provides incessant redundancy of your data across regions and multiple data centers. Moreover, you can keep important data at one place with unlimited archiving feature. This helps in quick and easy recovery of data from anywhere to cope with any local disaster. It can also work in conjunction with anti virus software like Norton Anti virus which we thoroughly recommend you get and right now you can save 30% on Norton Antivirus Software and Spyware Removal products with coupon codes from the team at


BackupRunner cloud backup scales up and down with your changing business needs. Hence, bring your data, big and small. With the global availability of BackupRunner, you can choose where to keep your data across data centers using the web-based console management.


No capacity planning and no upfront costs. BackupRunner gives cost-effective backup solution. Just pay for what you use and at a cost that is lower than many local, SAN or NAS storage solutions on-premises. Choose preferred locations to store your data and have better control on bandwidth consumption; and ensure minimum latency to power up essential business works.

Enjoy reliability, availability, and performance with BackupRunner and keep your business running smooth.

BackupRunner Offers Data protection With Unlimited Mobile Backups BackupRunner Offers Data protection With Unlimited Mobile Backups

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I found their backup services very cost-effective as well as highly beneficial for my important stuff. Also, their unlimited cloud storage let me save my data without getting lost. "Sophia"