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Discover Best Online Cloud Backup Services For Business

Discover Best Online Cloud Backup Services for Business

Whether it’s a natural disaster like Tsunami or an artificial blaze caused by an electric short-circuit, or a device theft, or storage device corruption, or some different misfortunes, their end results in the business perspective can be data loss, business loss and revenue loss, further leading to frustration and blemishing of brand reputation. For years we relied on compact disks, hard-disks, network storage devices, etc. and are still dependent upon them to some extent, if not fully. Undeniably, they were, and are good, but have certain limitations as they can hardly endure the discussed vulnerabilities.  To find an alternative, businesses are gradually shifting towards the best cloud backup services. Here are few benefits that come with BackupRunner online cloud backup service.

Centralized management

Business heads or IT decision makers can manage data corresponding to different departments of their business at one place. They can successful add or delete users and assign them permissions as per business protocols. Wondering what is special in it? Interestingly, they can do all from a Web-based dashboard.

Remote management and deployment

Today’s businesses are more dispersed than ever and so is data but with cloud backup solution it has become simple to manage all. People can remotely access data whether they are sitting at your corporate office, branches or even are on the move. Hence, remote management and deployment is driving productivity as people can create, sync and share data effortlessly from anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited PC and Mac backup

Interoperability and scalability – the innate features of online cloud backup bring respite to business administrators as they don’t need to ping their finance departments again and again to get budget approved for new backup devices with growing data volume. Now, they can backup unlimited workstations running at their workplace along with unlimited Android & iPhone devices that are used by their offsite workers.

Unlimited archiving

With the passage of time businesses often generate and accumulate data that is not actively used in the current scenario. But they feel that the data can be useful in future. It can be emails, files, images, videos or other data of customers, partners, or even related to past projects. With BackupRunner cloud backup solution, they can easily shift them to an archive storage and retrieve them back whenever required.

Unlimited file server backup

BackupRunner cloud backup service can back up file servers operating on differing protocols like FTP, HTTP, SMB/CIFS (Windows and Unix-like) or NFS protocol (Unix-like systems) and help businesses to protect their bulk volume of data and provide uninterrupted access to its legitimate users based on successful authentication.

Discover Best Online Cloud Backup Services for BusinessDiscover Best Online Cloud Backup Services for Business

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