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Step-wise RAID Data Recovery Tutorial

Step wise RAID Data Recovery Tutorial

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) gives high performance to the PC users, especially those who use servers face too many problems. Talking about the RAID data recovery – it is a recovery process of data from RAID array that has failed due to controller issue, hard drive failure and any other issues. The below mentioned step-wise procedure is used for RAID0 and RAID5 recovery, if

  1. Windows software RAID configuration is destroyed
  2. Controller fails & array parameters loses

Go through the step-wise RAID data recovery tutorial to complete the process properly.

  1. Download & install ZAR RAID recovery software simply. Run the downloaded application, click on the option “RAID Recovery” shown on the window.
  2. Choose all disks that has been members of RAID
    • For RAID5 recovery, if a member is missing, you have to select all of them. THE ZAR RAID creates the missing data automatically.
    • There is no way to specify the order of disks when they are reconstructed.
  3. Choose the RAID layout.
  4. Click “Next” for initializing RAID reconstruction.
  5. For completing RAID layout reconstruction – it is fully automatic section where RAID reconstruction takes place and shows 100 percent completion bar. It will hardly take 10 minutes.
  6. Choose the partition on array that you wish to recover. Go to “More functions…” button and use it. Run partition recovery and click “Next”.
  7. Then it is file reconstruction step which is completely automatic and it will finish on its own. Wait till then.
  8. In this step, mark all files to be copied. Click “Next”.
  9. Give the name of the folder having recovered files.
  10. Now copy the desired files in a separate folder.

Hopefully, no issues will be raised if this procedure is followed carefully. However, contact BackupRunner at 1 855 819 5826 to ask assistance.

Step wise RAID Data Recovery TutorialStep wise RAID Data Recovery Tutorial

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