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Xbox Password Recovery Tips – Reset Parental Control Password

Xbox Password Recovery Tips   Reset Parental Control Password

Xbox is equipped with a family safety feature, often dubbed as “Parental Control” to help you restrict and monitor the activities of your child. For instance, if they attempts to watch any R-rated movie, the settings would forbid him/her. Setting up a Parental Control password on X-box takes less than 90 seconds, but resetting the password may ask for a bit patience. However, if you have forgotten your Xbox password, here are some tips that might be helpful.

A word of caution: Take a backup of your games and other data before embarking on password recovery and we also recommend having a good anti virus like Norton or Kaspersky to prevent data loss from hackers and cyber criminals . Yes you can transfer these virueses from one device to another so start by protecting your computers with either of the two options mentioned above and this will stop anything from spreading across your network including your X-box and other gaming devices.

Restore the device to factory settings

  1. Enter the “Settings” menu.
  2. In Xbox One, find “Restore factory defaults” option, and format the device.
  3. In Xbox 360, navigate to “Storage settings” menu, press “Y” and initialize the setup to format the hard drive.

Note: Be ready with your console’s serial number located both in the System Info section and on the console itself.

Set up a new Parental Control password

  1. Wait till the time progress bar continues. Once completed, set up your Internet connection again.
  2. Download your Xbox Live profile.
  3. Set up a new parental control password, which is easy to remember.

Congrats! You have successfully reset the Parental Control password. In case of any issues do let us know. We will feel happy to provide you with quick and easy solution. While you are here why not take a look at the top Gamefly deals with a free trial. Its totally free and your X-box lover will thank you for it.

Xbox Password Recovery Tips   Reset Parental Control PasswordXbox Password Recovery Tips   Reset Parental Control Password

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